How to wear contact lenses?

How to wear contact lenses?

How to wear contact lenses?

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly: Before handling contact lenses, it is crucial to wash your hands with soap and water to prevent any dirt or bacteria from transferring to your eyes.

2. Prepare the Lens: Open the contact lens case and remove the lens from its packaging. Rinse the lens with a multi-purpose solution recommended by your eye care professional.

3. Place the Lens on Your Finger: Using your index finger, gently place the lens on the tip of your finger. Ensure that the lens is not inside out by checking if the edges are facing upward.

4. Hold Your Eyelids Open: Use your free hand to hold your upper eyelid open and use your middle finger to hold down your lower eyelid. This will allow you to have a clear view of your eye and make it easier to insert the lens.

5. Insert the Lens: Look straight ahead and gently place the lens onto the colored part of your eye, known as the iris. Release your eyelids slowly and blink a few times to settle the lens in place.

6. Repeat for the Other Eye: Repeat steps 3-5 for your other eye, ensuring that you do not mix up the lenses.

7. Check for Comfort and Clarity: Once both lenses are inserted, close your eyes for a few moments to ensure they feel comfortable. Open your eyes and check if your vision is clear. If there is any discomfort or blurriness, remove the lenses and try re-inserting them.

8. Clean and Store the Lenses: After wearing the lenses, clean them thoroughly with the recommended solution and store them in a clean contact lens case filled with fresh solution. Avoid using tap water or saliva to clean your lenses.

9. Remove and Replace as Directed: Follow the recommended wearing schedule provided by your eye care professional. When it’s time to remove the lenses, wash your hands, hold your eyelids open, and gently pinch the lens to remove it from your eye. Place the lens in the appropriate compartment of the contact lens case and repeat for the other eye.

10. Visit Your Eye Care Professional: Regularly visit your eye care professional for check-ups and to ensure your contact lenses fit properly and are meeting your vision needs.